Law of Foreigners

Law of foreigners is a branch of regulation that consists of laws that a state applies to foreigners who come to its country. Foreign persons are under the jurisdiction of the nation in which they stay. It remains to be under the polite defense of the state it is a person of. If much less rights are approved than those determined by international agreements within the guidelines of immigrants regulation, the state of which the individual is a resident makes an application for polite defense. This circumstance is called law of foreigners.

Residence Permit for Foreigners

Facility of a Business by Foreign Nationals in Turkey

Yabancıların oturma izni
Yabancıların oturma izni
Yabancı uyruklu kişilerin şirket kurması
Yabancı uyruklu kişilerin şirket kurması

What Does Law of Foreigners Cover?

The scope of immigrants law is as complies with:

  • Citizenship procedures
  • Marital relationship or divorce
  • New birth
  • Residence permit
  • Business authorization
  • Company establishment authorization
  • Consular procedures