Facility of a Business by Foreign Nationals in Turkey

Yabancı uyruklu kişilerin şirket kurması

Foreign nationals can establish a firm in Turkey Firm facility and business activities of international nationals go through the arrangements of the Turkish Commercial Code as well as the Turkish Code of Commitments, simply put, immigrants have the same rights as local citizens in developing a business.

At this point, it is obligatory for foreign nationals who want to develop a company/investment in Turkey to adhere to the arrangements of this regulation. Because of this, it is important for international nationals to obtain aid from legal representatives that are professionals in this field during the establishment of a company to ensure that they do not experience victimization.

Yabancı uyruklu kişilerin şirket kurması
Yabancı uyruklu kişilerin şirket kurması

One of the most essential concern for foreign nationals to develop a business is the stage of acquiring work permits and residence authorizations after developing the company in Turkey.

At Özatan Law and Consultancy Office, for foreign individuals; consultancy solutions concerning firm facility, business facility and subsequent residence license processes are adhered to.

Now, it should be highlighted that an international nationwide is needed to obtain a work license if he or she establishes a joint stock company or ends up being a companion in a joint stock company. 

In the preparation of firm write-ups of organization, support from a professional legal representative is called for, and as Özatan Law and Consultancy Office, we perform all the procedures in the legal structure from the establishment of a business to the work permit/residence authorization of foreign nationals.

Business Establishment of International Nationals in Turkey

International nationals that wish to begin a company in Turkey have the very same rights as well as obligations as Turkish people. The conditions for establishing a company and transferring shares coincide when it comes to the regional financier, and the investment forms rely on the TCC (Turkish Commercial Code). International nationals, like neighborhood financiers, can establish the kinds of companies included in the TCC. (Like a Joint Stock Company, Limited Company). If foreign nationals wish to establish a company in Turkey, they need to do the following steps;
  • Enrollment in Mersis Arranging business papers
  • Registration treatments
  • Acquiring a tax obligation number
  • 04% of the company’s resources
  • Down payment to the Trade Registry Office
  • Depositing 25% of the business’s founding resources to the bank as well as presenting the receipt
  • Making an enrollment application to the Trade Registry Office

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