Enforcement Law

During the execution and foreclosure proceedings, it is important for a lawyer who is an expert in the field of enforcement to follow the proceedings on your behalf in order to reach what you will receive. In addition, the suspension of enforcement proceedings that have been unfairly initiated is also within the scope of the enforcement lawyer.

Our law firm offers solutions to the disputes that arise regarding the enforcement law:

Collection Of Accounts Receivable

Commence Execution Proceedings (With Or Without Judgment Creditor)

Performing Enforcement Action

Pledge And Hypothec Sales

Rejecting Unfair Execution Proceeding (For Debt, For Signiture)

Izmir Enforcement Lawyer

İzmir icra avukatı
İzmir icra avukatı

The financial obligation occurring from private law, which is not paid with the consent of the borrower, is required to be paid by the state. The branch of legislation that manages this payment issue is called execution and bankruptcy law regulation. Enforcement attorney manage enforcement as well as bankruptcy cases. Izmir enforcement attorney launches and also carries out enforcement procedures upon non-payment of financial obligation and also performs all lawsuits in behalf of the creditor for the collection of financial debt.

It can ask for a lien on movable and unmovable properties. If there is no written record confirming this financial debt in between the lender and the debtor, it is feasible to follow up. In such instances, an application is made as an implementation proceeding without judgment via general attachment. Enforcement and also bankruptcy situations are frequently encountered instances today. In normal life conditions, people might enter into debt connections with people or institutions for various reasons such as work or individual requirements. Consequently, sometimes, debtors may not have the ability to pay their financial obligations. In order to avoid shared grievances, enforcement and also insolvency cases are filed.

It provides consultancy services to firms, institutions or people in all enforcement and also personal bankruptcy regulation transactions, performing deals such as financial debt collection, repossession, promise, engagement in negotiations for debtors and also financial institutions, prep work and also follow-up of personal bankruptcy postponement instances. Additionally, if you wish to seek advice from lawful concerns, you can contact us promptly.

Our experienced and expert lawyers will answer all your questions. At the same time, consultancy in legal cases especially such as Commercial Law, Insurance Law (Traffic Accidents, Vehicle Value Loss), Compensation Law (Financial and Moral), Law of Domestic Relations, (Divorce, Custody) Enforcement Law, and also Penal Law, Inheritance Law, IT Law.

In enforcement cases, the Izmir enforcement lawyer provides support in the following areas;

Mediatoring between in creditor and debtor to collecting debts,

Advocate the natural and legal person’s rights throughout the case,

Initiating enforcement proceedings by applying to the enforcement office when the debt cannot be collected in natural ways,

Dealing with pledge and hypothec sales

Dealing with the attachment process, starting the sales part and collecting the debt from the debtor, etc.

When you search for the very best enforcement lawyer in Izmir, you can discover many choices. It is very essential to work with a legal representative experienced in enforcement and bankruptcy issues. It is required to initiate and also comply with legal processes relating to knowing financial debts and receivables occurring from industrial transactions. These procedures consist of lengthy and also complex treatments. At this moment, a specialized legal representative will aid the instance move forward in a positive means.

During enforcement and bankruptcy situations, legal representatives take steps to prevent both the organization and the person from being taken advantage of. All procedures of the borrower are additionally adhered to and the documents is shut after the receivable is gathered. In enforcement cases, the amount of financial debt might consist of small or large numbers. The vital point below is not the amount of the financial debt, yet whether the receivable is gathered or not is just one of the most essential issues. When you collaborate with an experienced attorney who has actually acted on these concerns for a very long time, you will certainly obtain what you need much faster, while at the same time you will easily get over the long as well as intricate procedure such as deal monitoring.