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Our Team

As Özatan Law and Consultancy Office, we are divided into two different departments, law and penal, and we provide corporate and personal legal services in different provinces of Turkey with our lawyers and business partners.

Attorney Serdar Canbulat

Attorney Serdar Canbulat, he is practicing as a lawyer in the province of Izmir and specializes in vehicle value loss cases, Insurance Arbitration Commission attorneyship and provides legal services in this direction

İrem Revşen Yıldız

İrem Revşen Yıldız finished her secondary education and learning at Ordu Fen High School in 2017 and was qualified to get in Law Department of Izmir Ekonomi University with a 100% scholarship in the very same year. After completing the 1 year compulsory English primary education and learning, she began the 30% English Law Licence Program and is currently researching at Izmir Economi University, Law Department, as a high honor student. At the same time, she graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Economics, Division of Public Administration on 10/01/2022, which she started by capitalizing on the 2nd university chance without exam in 2018. After finishing her obligatory teaching fellowship at Özatan Law and Consultancy Office for college graduation in the summertime of 2021, she continues to operate in our workplace as a part-time student trainee.