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Attorney. Esin Özatan

Attorney Esin Özatan, after completing her law education and learning at İzmir Yaşar University Faculty of Law, completed her law teaching fellowship under the İzmir Bar Organization and she founded Özatan Law and Consultancy Office after the internship ended. She continues to supply legal services under the Izmir Bar Association.


We are with you with the power of law!

Özatan Law and Consultancy Office proceeds its tasks in İzmir Bayraklı; It supplies solutions in legal fields particularly, such as Commercial Law, Insurance Law (Traffic Accidents, Vehicle Worth Loss), Compensation Law (Financial and Moral), Law of Domestic Relations, (Divorce, Custody), Enforcement Law and also Penal Law, Inheritance Law, IT Law.

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When you have an issue in the legal area, it is very important to obtain lawful support. Some situations consist of highly complicated procedures. From the opening of the case throughout, a legal representative who is experienced in data follow-up and also defense processes protects against loss of rights. Because some types of cases, such as penal law, have expenses such as imprisonment at the end, skilled opinion needs to be looked for in cases. If you are looking for a lawyer in Izmir according to your region, you may run into numerous options. There are important indicate consider when examining these choices.
İzmir Avukat
İzmir Avukat

The legal representative needs to have both good composed interaction abilities and also be a great listener. Public talking skills are very important. A legal representative must have the capability to attract sensible final thoughts and assumptions from restricted info. In a similar way, it is necessary to investigate the situation swiftly and also efficiently, comprehend the client’s demands and also prepare lawful techniques.

It is troublesome as well as stressful trying to move forward without help in all legal processes connected to company or exclusive life. Working with an experienced and also expert legal representative will assist you survive this difficult process in a positive way. Advocacy deals with individuals, in behalf of people. Choices made influence people’s lives. For this reason, it is extremely important to deal with a lawyer that is an expert in his/her field. At the same time, there should be a legal representative in Izmir who can comprehend you during the difficult situation.

Consulting an attorney who focuses on different areas for each type of situation can be tiring. In this situation, you can work with knowledgeable legal representatives by contacting a law firm. Legal representatives are not just sensible as well as logical, however likewise show terrific resourcefulness in trouble addressing.

You can reach us in the following fields of law that we serve with the principles of honesty and transparency:

  • Commercial law
  • Insurance Law (Traffic Accidents, Vehicle Value Loss)
  • Compensation Law (Financial and Moral)
  • Law of Domestic Relations (Divorce, Custody)
  • Enforcement Law,
  • Penal Law,
  • Inheritance Law,
  • IT Law.

Legal representative In the Izmir, consultancy services are also supplied in addition to lawsuits solutions. It includes lawyers that are specialists in their area, collaborating instances for clients in numerous jurisdictions. Throughout the lawsuits process, the legal service ought to be both quickly and also effective. In order to get to the most accurate solution, the law office, which is organized with specialized legal representatives according to their areas of work, also has a wide customer network. It works to generate one of the most effective solution by handling all the steps of your instance.

Thanks to its solid remedy partners, it generates the most ideal lawful solution for its clients in the fastest means. Along with solving the troubles that emerge throughout the litigation procedure, it also intends to stop them before they occur. We are aware that the legal solution is not only to address problem in case of issues, but also to prevent these problems from happening. Izmir Law Firm, which is experienced in virtually every branch of regulation, functions to get to the most reliable result in line with the needs as well as demands of its customers.

You can immediately contact our Izmir law office, which consists of a vibrant group that can create itself in every area, with advanced lawful understanding. Not all lawful matters need a lawyer. However is the right way to go dealing with an experienced legal representative that can help you with hard instances such as a lawful dispute, criminal instances, contested separation. In many cases, stopping working to work with a legal representative can result in breach of agreements, repossession of insurance claims, and also even prison time.

For instance, when a couple has actually mutually settled on separation, that is, they apply for an uncontested divorce, occasionally a lawyer might not be required. However, it is needed to recognize the lawful treatments effectively as well as to follow up the file. Nonetheless, when problems such as property, financial obligation and kid safekeeping, an Izmir legal representative ought to be dealt with. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected that uncontested divorces can also turn into disputed divorces, and also those who are not experienced in lawful matters should definitely work with an attorney.

At the same time, when reviewing a contract, while making an agreement, tries with lawful repercussions can be avoided without experiencing troubles by getting support from an attorney. If you’re not an attorney, you may forget issues such as target dates for correctly submitting and also filing specific lawful documents. Izmir legal representative adheres to all these actions for you as well as assists you have a smooth lawsuits procedure. Supplies all interaction in the legal process with effective written as well as verbal communication skills.

An attorney can explain every one of your choices in litigation as well as they are done in control. They can help you prevent possibly substantial penalties also prior to the instance starts. A seasoned lawyer will have seen cases comparable to your own. By doing this, he/she can likewise make an estimate of just how your case will certainly be resolved as well as has information about your instance.

Consultancy can be obtained from a legal representative when developing an organization or arranging business-related contracts. Thus, organization methods can be carried out without experiencing any type of lawful problems. An educated Izmir lawyer in these areas can predict feasible problems and works to prevent them. We give solutions such as issuing agreements and also adhering to the process with the goal of stopping troubles such as employee-employer conflicts.

Özatan Law and Consultancy Office provides permanent solutions to its clients. We understand the troubles of our clients and also anticipate a remedy to issues, as well as we give the fastest outcomes. We offer advocacy services to our customers in matters such as criminal complaints, investigations and prosecutions in the field of penal law. You can likewise contact us for all kinds of legal guidance in Law of Domestic Relations cases.