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Attorney. Esin Özatan

Attorney Esin Özatan, after completing her law education and learning at İzmir Yaşar University Faculty of Law, completed her law teaching fellowship under the İzmir Bar Organization and she founded Özatan Law and Consultancy Office after the internship ended. She continues to supply legal services under the Izmir Bar Association. 

Özatan Law and Consultancy Office proceeds its tasks in İzmir Bayraklı; It supplies solutions in legal fields particularly, such as Commercial Law, Insurance Law (Traffic Accidents, Vehicle Worth Loss), Compensation Law (Financial and Moral), Law of Domestic Relations, (Divorce, Custody), Enforcement Law and also Penal Law, Inheritance Law, IT Law.

After all the Law Firm has embraced the principles of Privacy, Independency and Caring as a principle, it ought to act based on these principles. Anyone who intends to obtain legal consultancy and advocacy services in and around Izmir can get detailed information by calling our law office in Izmir Bayraklı.