Compensation Law

In the pace of life, the claims filed with the need for settlement for the problems brought on by the tortious act of individuals are called compensation cases. The person declares the damages he or she has actually suffered as material and also ethical payment.

We support our clients in our law firm, where we have compensation lawyer experts;

The compensation cases which open by compensation lawyers,

Opened Financial and Moral Compensation cases due to traffic accidents,

Opened Financial and Moral Compensation cases due to industrial accidents,

Opened Financial and Moral Compensation cases due to assultment of personal rights

Opened Financial and Moral Compensation cases due to divorcement

Izmir Compensation Law Attorney

Tazminat hukuku avukatı
Tazminat hukuku avukatı

Izmir compensation law attorney deals with settlement disputes that happen as a result of unjust situations or different reasons. Although there are several subjects on this topic, it is primarily separated right into two as financial and moral.

In financial compansation situations, it may take place as a result of fatality, absence of assistance, disability, loss of workforce or physical damage. Furthermore, these claims might result from damages to property.

In moral compensation situations, it is aimed to fix the suffering that takes place in the psychological health of the person as a result of wrongful acts or behaviours. Izmir Compensation Law lawyer gives solution to every situation that drops within the scope of compensation regulation.

However, in which area can a compensation claim be filed? The concern is also asked. Payment claims can be submitted on several concerns. Several of the most typical instances in Turkey are as adheres to;

  1. Legal actions for financial or moral damages as a result of the dismissal of the engagement
  2. Severance and notification compensation situations
  3. Lawsuits for moral or financial problems in case of divorce
  4. Case for payment for disparagement
  5. Payment case for breach of contract
  6. Compensation claim for clinical mistake
  7. Material damage-injured-fatal traffic accident compensation situation
  8. Compensation situation after Industrial Accident
  9. Occupational illness compensation cases
  10. Compensation legal action for injury

Izmir Compensation Law attorney also deals with trademark and license instances. Problems that will certainly harm the reputation of the hallmark, instances of imitation, unreasonable gains gotten by utilizing the trademark constitute the basis of hallmark suits.

Although license situations resemble this, they are structurally different. In such cases, compensation law enters into play.

Compensation cases are defined by some stipulations in the Harsh Penal Court Regulation numbered 5271, under the title of individuals that will not be requested payment. In this context, in many cases payment is not requested from those who are captured as well as apprehended based on the regulation.

Compensation can be asked for approximately three days, within one year adhering to the completion day of the judgment or decision, after the alert of the appropriate stipulations or the finalization of the choice to the celebration. For this reason, 3-month as well as 1 year durations are essential.

Compensation lawyer İzmir can also aid in giving a reduction in the relevant settlement in some cases. If the victim has actually granted the act that created the damage, or if it has actually been effective in its development or increase, the court may decide to reduce or entirely eliminate the settlement.

If the individual who has a small mistake as well as is responsible for settlement will certainly fall into destitution in case of paying the settlement, the judge might minimize the payment if the justness needs.

Along with this, there are also obligation instances where no mistake is looked for within the framework of the Turkish Code of Responsibilities No. 6098. These are likewise called as objective liability and are shared independently in each of the provisions.

The courts that are authorized as well as in charge of payment law are consisted of in the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code No. 5271. The abovementioned instance is heard in the harsh penal court existing in the place where the victim lives.

If there is a harsh penal court in the plaintiff’s place of residence, if the court concerned is the court that decides on apprehension or long-term employment, the nearby harsh penal court is taken.