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izmir ceza avukatı

Getting help from a criminal attorney in Penal Law is of great importance in terms of avoiding victimization. Our law firm provides services in the following areas;

Prosecution Procedures

Harsh Penalty Cases

Criminal Court Of First İnstance Cases

Criminal Past/ Criminal Records Procedures

Panelty Cases Petition Of Appeal

Izmır Penal Attorney

İzmir ceza avukatı
İzmir ceza avukatı

Penalty cases begin on uncertainty that an individual’s activity is a criminal activity. The legal process that proceeds up until completion of this suspicion is called the criminal instance. Criminal instances; It runs in the form of case, defense and also test. There are lots of offices that function as Izmir criminal lawyers depending on the region you reside in. Criminal situations are taken care of by Harsh Penalty Courts and Criminal Court of First Instance. In addition to these, there are the Executive Criminal Court, the Juvenile Court and other courts dealing with intellectual and industrial property rights.

Criminal Courts of First Instance take charge in the trial of crimes that require less punishment. The Criminal Court of First Instance deals with the cases that do not fall under the job description of the high criminal courts. Harsh penalty courts, on the other hand, take care of situations with an optimum penalty of greater than 10 years. Some crimes are divided in an unique way and also the Harsh Penalty Courts deals directly with these crimes, despite the amount of punishment.

When an individual is accused of a crime, criminal courts hear the situation. The implications of these cases can be severe. Lawbreaker situations are opened by the prosecutor. The prosecution is the district attorney. If this charge brings legal aspects, the court accepts it as well as the instance is opened by doing this. That’s why criminal lawyers are legal representatives that concentrate on your instance. Every criminal case is various. Reviewing and examining all the information of a case is thanks to a knowledgeable legal representative. Understanding your lawful civil liberties as well as court procedures is extremely essential in these cases. Lawbreaker situation processes do not contain easy steps that go efficiently. Consequently, it will certainly be the best method for the person to proceed with a criminal attorney in order not to shed their rights.

In criminal situations, as in some kinds of situations, the individual may not favor to work with a criminal lawyer in İzmir in order to conserve costs. However the fact is that employing a criminal defense lawyer is always a wise decision since the financial price of hiring a lawyer is always small contrasted to the substantial expenses that feature losing your situation. Therefore, a criminal lawyer is essential to have the best feasible protection. Nonetheless, as a result of the trial, the criminal court might decide on a “judicial fine”, “jail time sentence” or “security procedure” for the charged.

In criminal cases, there are phases such as appeal and rectification of the choice. After these phases have passed, the stage of execution legislation, which is related to the completed prison sentence, starts. Jail time can be carried out in an open or shut jail. In all these processes, the criminal law lawyer gives solutions, beginning with the examination phase and also ending with the execution of the sentence.

The best criminal attorney in Izmir is often wondered about. It needs to not be neglected that the freedom of the person is in inquiry in criminal situations. For this reason, a very essential trial process is passed for both events. In this context, it is absolutely necessary to deal with a specialist as well as seasoned lawyer in the process of seeking civil liberties. In the Law and Consultancy Firm, services in the fields of Commercial Law, Insurance Law (Traffic Accidents, Vehicle Worth Loss), Compensation Law (Financial and Moral), Law of Domestic Relations (Divorcement, Custody), Enforcement Law, Penal Law, Inheritance Law and also IT Law is offered.